Saturday, July 11, 2009

Technology Day from H-E-Double L

So yesterday my domain name provider blocked my little website-and just a day or two after I updated and made it look all pretty. How rude. They received a grumpy email from me, but the site will be down at least until Monday, maybe a bit longer. Thank you for your patience!
Then, my ac adapter died and I realized just how much Iuse my laptop-for communication, obviously, for running my website (not an issue this weekend, apparently..), for entertainment while I make jewelry, etc. etc.
Fianally, I made a lovely salad for dinner and poured canola oil, instead of olive, all over it. OK, that is not technology related, but it certainly added to the day's mood. I ate it up (it tasted fine) and then sent myself to my room and locked the door before I created any more messes.
Here's hoping everything's back to normal soon.
At least it's not raining (cross you fingers, knock on wood)!!


  1. I think this post would've been more suitable for another blog I know about! :P