Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I have finally listed some lockets in the shop!

These seem to speak to people. They are very pretty, true. They are made from sweet vintage postage stamps of birds and butterflies. They have a colorful cluster of gemstones jangling about. They are made of bright shiny sterling silver, a substantial locket which feels like an heirloom.
But it seems to be the various quotes people connect to. I am often told why that is, and several times I have cried. People tell me stories of someone at a hard point in their life, sometimes having to do with sickness or loss. Other times they are bought for happier occasions, often graduations-a time to go out and experience the world! Whatever the reasons, I am always so happy and honored to be a part of the whole experience, to have made something to be given with great love and meaning. It has really made me think about and change my ideas about what jewelry can be.
Here is one quote I often use and love, but did not end up in any of these particular lockets:

At the centre of your being
You have the answers
You know who you are
And you know what you want

If you are ever in doubt...

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  1. So pretty...but not the picture I was expecting to see... ;-)