Monday, July 5, 2010

Finally!! My rings are here! These were a vision, of sorts, and I am pleased to present them to you now. This project combines my love of rings (I have been wanting to have rings in my shop for an eternity it seems...) with my love of words and the way they can affect me, and hopefully you, too. I wanted the quotes on the rings to be especially for the wearer, so they are a bit of a secret. By all appearances, these appear to be very pretty rings with colorful groups of stones.

When you turn your hand over, however, you will find a message, a reminder, a direction perhaps. Just for you to see and no one else.

This one here is the quintessential summertime ring. With a quote I have used many times. It is from a part of an Emerson poem and goes:
" in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air..."
It always feels more appropriate to me in summer, especially here on the Vineyard.

More rings with varied gemstones and secret messages are here. Enjoy!

(p.s.-rings are a nice substantial sterling band which won't get bent out of shape :)


  1. I love them and I want one!! Why is 6 the smallest size? You know I have tiny fingers!! Help!

  2. You need to start growing your fingers, Mai. And I will work on smaller sizes ;)