Friday, October 29, 2010

Ode to Pyrite

I am in love with Pyrite. 
This is strange because it's not a stone I have used for long. 
It's not a stone similar to the types I have been using forever. It's not a stone which you can easily identify (what color is that anyway?). It's a stone that is a bit "rough around the edges" in appearance.
 But it just seems to go with almost anything I think of pairing it with.

 Like a refined, faceted Citrine.

 Or bright white sterling chain.

 Rich black oxidized silver and gold.

And here's another favorite you may have already seen.

Come see all my pyrite selections in person at the last South End Open Market of the season!   It's on Halloween and is sure to be packed.  It's fully booked with creative vendors and they're having costume contests, free treats and more!

Have a spooky, cavity-inducing weekend! : o

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