Sunday, March 6, 2011


well, sort of. Back here on the blog, anyway. So sorry to be away for so long....January just wasn't worth mentioning unless you happen to really be into snow. I'm not. February was busy-hopping down to Tucson for the massive gem and jewelry shows.  It was my first time and definitely overwhelming, but I found some great things for the upcoming Spring and Summer season- beautiful ammonite fossils, sparkling geodes and cool new gemstone links. Next, back to Boston and made a reservation to go to Thailand.  Where I sit right now, in the (surprisingly strong)heat and humidity. But I'll take it over the snow any day. Besides which, it's fascinating to me, so get ready for lots of pictures of buddhas, temples and exotic flowers. Oh, and a few new designs I managed to work on before leaving (I love them, and am so excited to share with you soon!).

For your viewing pleasure, Thailand Trip instalment #1:

These were all taken in Chiang Mai, a lovely city in the north of Thailand, a center for arts and crafts with about 300 amazing temples.
More to come soon...

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