Saturday, May 7, 2011

Monk Stalking

I just want to say, before we begin, that I am not alone in monk stalking.
In fact, it seems that nearly everyone who visits Angkor Wat has the same affliction.
Monks are like celebrities while they are at Angkor, and the tourists are the paparazzi. Just so you know.
The thing is, the temples at Angkor are really old-like 1000 years old, so naturally their color shows this-they are gray and black. Then, a monk comes along in an intense saffron robe. The contrast is stunning color-wise and the imagery created is....perfect.  
Can you blame me?

 Monks from a distance- 
a way to ease yourself into full-on, up-close photos.

 That little kid was lucky his outfit worked with the color scheme-
otherwise he would've been cropped!

 This young monk turned the tables and asked for a photo of me, 
after which I did the same to him, of course. Isn't he sweet?

 But generally, monks are more into the temple (that's why they came all this way, right?) and take photos of the amazing art and history there. They must be confused as to why we take pictures of them instead of that.

 I surprised this monk as he turned a corner. This was a true stalking. I'm sorry.

 The artistic monk shot.

 Monks in the landscape. You may also notice something else here-a huge yellow balloon. That things goes up and down literally all day for ten minutes at a time for people to take aerial photos. 

The money shot.
I have to admit, I did not take this picture. 
But I know the person who did and he doesn't mind me 
sharing it with you :)

In other news...I am back from my travels (but will be sharing a few more travel pictures soon)
and in the Boston area for a few weeks before heading to the Vineyard.
That means I am able to work on custom orders and repairs- just send me an email.
And, check out my shows coming up-I would love to see you in person!

Have a lovely weekend and Happy Mother's Day!

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