Friday, April 3, 2009

BA Design Fair

Last weekend we went to the Buenos Aires Design Fair. It was lots of fun seeing so many creative people in one place. There was even live graffiti going on!

(The graffiti demo happened to be very apropos of the movie I went to later that night, "Beautiful Losers", an interesting documentary about young artists in NYC in the early 90s , a good rental I would say...)

There was some kind of "Live the Love" theme going on with the graphic artists....

Some cool lace patterns in leather.

I really liked these necklaces. The focal pieces are made of wrapped up zippers. Remember that grumpy guy with the big neck tattoo from Project Runway? Guess they saw the zippers he used for his winning looks.

This bag-actually three bags in one-was a cute idea, and made from recycled felt, I think.

This lamp/chandelier screams Olympics Opening Ceremony to me. Dad, you now know what you're getting for Father's Day.

This one is more my style.
I love felt and the whole felting thing. I think this jacket is adorable. The chair is fabulous. There are millions of cheap old chairs at the flea market here, so I might have a new project to add to my list....

This was my favorite booth. It was just fun, colorful and energetic.
There were cool prints-I bought three!!-books and journals, pillows, and...
smoking bunny rabbits. OK, smoking is not cool, I will agree. But they sure look tough.
There was a huge crowd at the Design Fair, and so many more great vendors, craftspeople, artists, and designers. It's always inspiring to see people putting their work "out there" and just going for it!


  1. Hi I'm from Argentina and I've just known your blog from a comment you left in Decor8 about an argentinian artist Gustavo Aimar (I love him).
    I've also been in FPD'09 and I liked very much felt designs. I invite you to visit my blogs:
    Thanks and sorry about my bad english!

  2. Thanks Mapiurka. You have some beautiful designs! I was just looking at wall decals online as there were lots of vendors at the design fair selling them. Yours are some of the best!

  3. Wow looks like that was the place to be - the graffiti was really cool

  4. Yeah, the graffiti was cool. They were working on two sides of a wall the whole time we were there. If you liked that, you would probably like that documentary I mentioned!!!

  5. I did not now that you were here!
    I like Elle, living, plan deco, barzon.
    I am a mess, I spend too much in mags.
    Write to my personal mail, maybe we could share a coffee around Palermo.

  6. ah...i've been behind in reading your blog!! this fair looks like it was amazing...i wish i could've been there...i'm sure i would've bought a ton of stuff!!
    miss you!

  7. Hey Mai-I wish you had been there too! Of course, you probably would've been a bad influence on me and I would've ended up buying more than I did...
    Let me know if you want a smoking (easter) bunny, and I'll bring one home for you!
    Miss you too!!!