Monday, April 6, 2009

A Colorful Day

When I taught art, one of the homework assignments I would give to the girls was to observe color all around them. Each week was a different color when they had to document sightings of yellow or encounters with blue. If they could, they would collect and bring in their color interactions (there were always lots of candy wrappers...). The ones who really tried all week to open their eyes to color had great sketchbooks by the end of the assignment.

Yesterday we went back to Tigre. This time we stayed on land and walked around the Fruit Market. We had a lovely lunch right on the river and strolled through the many, many, market stands. Actually, there is no longer a whole lot of fruit selling going on. It has become a market for hand made home goods and interior decoration. There's lots of unfinished furniture, carpets, candles, ceramic and glass, etc. etc. Buying furniture is a little unrealistic for me here, so we just kind of window shopped and snapped pics. There were plenty of distractions for kids, and that's when I remembered the art homework assignment.

An idea: maybe I will post some of my old homework assignments. They were really fun (at least I, being the teacher, thought so....) and can be good creativity boosters...let's see if I can find some.

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