Thursday, April 8, 2010

At the MotherTemple

I happened to take a tour with some other visitors to Bali up to the "Mother Temple",Pura Besakih. It is up on Mount Agung, where the air was so cool, I wanted to move in. However, several thousand people were making their way in and out of the temple over several days at that time, so it might have been a tad irksome. Yet another of Bali's ceremonies was happening. Couldn't get the specifics on this one, but it seemed pretty major to me. Here are some shots from that rainy day:

Entrance to the main temple, there are many temples within Besakih. Depending on your position, you pray and give offerings at a certain temple (I believe this has to do with the caste sysytem which unfortunately still exists in Balinese culture).

Looking down from the main entrance. If you look over to the right, you see a little patch of white-that is people, coming up the hill from way far away....

I wanted to join this caste, whatever they were, definitely the best looking temple to me. Loved all the red. They were not at the highest level, that would be yellow. I am ok with that.

I loved these tall tall banners that were everywhere, swaying in the breeze....I miss that breeze down here in the lowlands!

We actually went to a few other places on this one day tour-will post about that soon!

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