Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Ceremony

Bali is full of ceremonies large and small. Last week, I happened upon two on the same day. One large, one small. These pictures are from "the big one". This was a ceremony that happens only every 150 years. I wish I could tell you more about the specifics, because it was quite fascinating, but you see, I lost my "guide" before it even really began. At most ceremonies I have been to, someone-usually a man-will come over and explain what the heck is going on. Balinese are rightly very proud of their culture and spectacular religious ceremonies and art traditions. So, I was being told about some of the preparations of this ceremony (that "only every 150 years" bit stuck in my head) when it was about to begin. We were all inside the main temple in town waiting for a break in the rain to start the procession to another temple down the road a ways. It was suggested that as soon as the rain stopped, I go out to the street to get the best shots (by now the locals know what most of us tourists really want!). So I did, and I didn't see my guide for the rest of the time-several hours of sometimes chaotic, curious and very colorful events.
So, my pictures will have to speak for themselves. As I took an embarrassing amount of photos, I'm going to break it down for you. Today we have: "Girls getting ready".

They were quite serious in preparation.

These girls ran across the street for a pre-ceremony snack. Wish I had, too-it was long!

Waiting. There was a lot of that. They were very patient.

Tomorrow....my favorite boy and the procession! Impressive, trust me.

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