Wednesday, May 23, 2012


A week or two ago at my now regular "Sundays in Spring and Fall Show" aka SOWA, I just had the best day. Let me tell you why.
I really liked my neighbors. 
On one side, I had Chikako Mukai, of chikakodesigns.
She set up a booth full of gorgeous items-belts, bags,kids clothing- sewn by her own hand using fabrics from her native Japan. I have an order in for a tie for my Dad for father's day. Not an original idea, I know, but my Dad is actually really into ties, and Chikako's are so unique. 
I am happy to say Chikako will also be at the Coolidge Corner Arts Festival on June 2nd (a superb show!). Anyway, Chikako and I agreed it is so nice to have a good neighbor, especially when you have to set up at 6:30 am.

The neighbor on the other side of me that day was Elizabeth Budington from Budington Press.
I am in love with Elizabeth's work and have been for a few years now-I guess since I first saw her booth. Elizabeth collects original vintage slides and prints them herself. These images are totally my cup of tea-they are fascinating (the clothing!), some very funny, others just so peaceful and bucolic and some  haunting and mysterious.
What I really love is the random effects that happened back when photography was so young. Here are two of my favorites (choosing is impossible):

Besides being so creative Elizabeth is a lovely person, too. Check out her schedule and website here. Her work is an amazing to chance to look at history.

And, speaking of shows- I will be joining a two day show this weekend in Marshfield at the North River Arts Society's Festival of the Arts. It's my first time doing this show and I hear it's great-it certainly has all the prerequisites-food, music, theater performances, dancing, a juried art show, and creative artisans and crafters. 
Oh, and gorgeous weather, too, right by the sea...
See  you there :)

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