Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wow-it's been so long, Blogger has changed the entire format on me...forgive me if this foray backing into "blogging" (I really can't call myself a blogger) is a little bumpy. 
I have some new "see through" lockets to show you today. I love the clean simplicity of these pieces. They are a bit of a labor of love, but worth it to me. I have a few more designs coming and will post them soon. Hope you like!

They can be found right here.

If you are purchasing a gift for someone special at Freebird Designs, I am now offering the sweetest gift enclosures. There are four to choose from-check them out here.
Be sure to leave a little message for me to relay.

Looks like another(!) gorgeous weekend-perfect for an outdoor market! We have been so lucky this May-it's been so rainy here in Boston (not complaining-we need it), but seems to be taking a break on the weekends, so get out and do something fun!

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