Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dan and Jessie

It was so fun to show my little bro Danny and his girl Jessie around Buenos Aires. We ate lots, drank wine, listened to music in the street, and had fun snapping pics as we walked all around town. Here's a little look:

We started off with breakfasts at Helena's. They were fabulous.

As Jessie is a chef, soon to open her own cafe in Astoria (!), I felt she must have this little cooking bear from Helena's for her kitchen. Plus, it's her birthday this month!

Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of the most adorable server in the entire world. That's what Dan and Jessie are smiling at.

We walked around the Puerto Madero area to see the "Bridge of the Woman" designed by Santiago Calatrava.
Danny knew all about it and was excited to see it as he is "into" architecture. Jessie's Dad is a photographer of architecture, so we took pictures of the bridge's shadow in the water so as not embarrass ourselves attempting pictures of the actual bridge.

Well, I had to get one to show him it was actually us there. And really, Danny took lots and is really good at taking photos.

Dan and Jessie stayed in a cute apartment in Palermo, one of the most fashionable neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. Very appropriate for them. It's full of cool restaurants, hip boutiques and creative spaces.
We liked this wall as a backdrop.

We walked a lot and saw many huge gorgeous buildings. I would love to get a peek inside some of these places.

We had to stop in at Cafe Tortoni for a cafe and some sweets. You can imagine our excitement when we were seated right next to to some famous patrons.

Another favorite breakfast (and dinner) place was Bio, in Palermo. It was lovely to go eat somewhere that was light, fresh and organic.

They certainly have the prettiest fruit salad I have ever seen.

The bright lime green decor made us happy while waiting for our coffee and tea!

We also ate at a few places where we just got WAY too much food. Unfortunately, it was really good, so it was hard to stop eating. One of them was at La Cabrera, a famous "parilla", or grilled beef restaurant. Remarkably, they had a veggie option (times are a-changing in Buenos Aires), which was also WAY too much food. Dan and Jessie said the beef was good. Ditto for the veggies.

On Sunday we walked around "la Boca", a neighborhood at the mouth of the river Riachuelo, the place where many immigrants entered the city. It's full of colorful buildings, tango and gaucho dancing and craft vendors (on the weekends, that is).

I sent Dan and Jessie off to Colonia for an little overnight, so the trip flew by really fast. Now they're gone and I miss them already! Thanks you guys. I loved hanging out with you and will see you soon in NYC!!!

Aren't they sweet?

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  1. yay! we made it on the blog!! thanks for a great trip eri, we had such a great time exploring and eating, hope the detox is going well!! see you soon.