Tuesday, May 19, 2009


After my outrageously good vegetarian meal the other weekend, I took a stroll trough the leafy, cobble-stoned, extremely fashionable streets of Palermo. I have finally found a place where I like window shopping more than the shopping. Not because they don't have great things to buy, but because they have truly elevated the "art" of window display and shop interior design. A lot of the shops are in really old buildings with funky layouts, great architectural details and courtyards. They take full advantage of the uniqueness of their spaces, making it fun to explore. Here are just a few pretty places...

This last one has got to be the coolest sunglasses shop evah!


  1. i used to live in palermo and i think i know this vegetarian restaurant you say.. it is beautiful, inside an antique and classic palermo-house. Buenos Aires has a million awesome places to take photos :)
    i like your blog, good luck, Lucia.

  2. Thanks Lucia! You are right about all the photo ops in Buenos Aires-I miss it. But I'll be back next summer! Good luck to you as well...your blog is very inspiring!!!