Sunday, May 10, 2009


Happy Mother's Day Mumma!
My mom is (that is in bold because she will try and deny this fact) the reason I am an artist, designer, lover of art and visiting museums (especially with her). The reason why I see beauty and spirituality in nature. The reason why I work with my hands and love doing it.

Some of my earliest memories are sitting out on the porch coloring clowns with flowers in their hats and Indians (this was pre-"Native American") with long feather headdresses. I could do this for hours and could not have been happier. She is the reason one of my teachers made fun of me for making a purple smile and orange nose on a figure I drew in second grade. She is the reason another teacher poked fun at my mask from art class, because it was so different from the rest, with it's huge nose and tiny mouth. She is the reason I gasped in delight when seeing the tiny "stars" you could make by touching a magic marker to a piece of silk. She is the reason I shocked another teacher by making an Indian "scalp belt" from scraps of leather (the shriveled scalp) and yarn (the hair of the scalped) to go with my book report. The reason why I bruised my thumb pushing a needle through the leather to add bead work. The reason why I made an entire collection of Thanksgiving outfits for my "Strawberry Shortcake" dolls one year (yes, she made clothes for us for Easter and Christmas and the first day of school...hence my idea.).
The reason why I (and all of us kids) made so many home-made cards for birthdays, holidays and anniversaries. They are so fun to look at now.
The list goes on and on. I never asked if it was okay to do these things, I just felt I could do anything with my hands and my creativity.
I still do.
Thanks Mum. I love you.

Mum with Ariette, who clearly loves her already, too!

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