Friday, June 19, 2009

Busy Bird

Lately, I have been busy. Packing to move (as I do oh, every four months or so...) designing new things for the summer, taking photos, applying to shows, etc. etc. At times like this I just want everything to stop! And I get grumpy.
But when I was photographing these lovely lockets, I was reminded that this is the life I have chosen, and while it's not totally perfect, it's pretty good, so lighten up and enjoy it already!

The lockets are sterling silver, with a heavy watch glass. They open up, so you can put a little secret message on the inside as well. The images are vintage postage stamps collected on my travels. The reverse side shows a lovely quote, this one being my favorite: "The journey you wish to take can only begin from where you are right now, this very minute".
There are other quotes available (you can even request your own) and various stamps as well-right here!


  1. As usual, I LOVE these!! They're beautiful..and so inspirational too!!

  2. Thank you Mai! I am always looking for new quote ideas if you know of any good ones...