Monday, June 1, 2009

Flying Home...

Dear Buenos Aires,
I have enjoyed walking your leafy side streets, visiting your most impressive sights and sitting in your cafes. I have found tiny treasures in your markets and browsed through the coziest of bookstores. Here, I have learned and fallen in love with a new craft. I absorbed your language, drank your wine and tasted your many many many gastronomic delights.
It was not always perfect, I must tell you. I could do without the infrequent, overcrowded, exhaust-belching, lurching, hissing, squealing buses, for instance. I found the serious shortage of coins (to be able to ride said buses) a bit inconvenient (and odd). My ankles will not miss your broken sidewalks. And oh, it's a bit hard to be a vegetarian here. I guess I can't really complain about that one.
But, I suppose that wandering in Recoleta Cemetary on an overcast day, rummaging in San Telmo market, fugazzeta pizza at El Imperial (heaven), Trapiche malbec, climbing to the top of Palacio Barolo (an actual lighthouse in the middle of the city and hands down my favorite building out of all those gorgeous buildings), alfajores and havanettas, the Tren de la Costa (Barancas stop, especially), boating in Tigre, listening to real talent on the street, Gorostiaga Street, and your amazing sunsets make up for a few lousy buses.


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