Monday, March 9, 2009

The Bird Thing. Out of hand?

Once I named my business, I started seeing and coveting birds everywhere (not just the ones flying around or sitting in a tree, mind you). At first, I thought: I really need to keep a lid on this, I could become "The Crazy Bird Lady".

But then I thought of Joseph Cornell, an assemblage artist whose creations I love (for the most part anyway, some are a little creepy). I went to see an exhibit of his work a few years ago at The PEM in Salem. It was great, and one thing that I really loved was the displays of materials from his studio-little boxes filled with all kinds of treasures, some obvious and some not so. Things he felt a connection with, or that might have sparked an idea for him. And they came together beautifully. A man after my own heart.

Oh Joseph, if only you weren't so odd...

...and dead.

Oh well.

Here are a few of my latest acquisitions, courtesy of the San Telmo antiques market. I am planning on "branching out" into collage/assemblage type work of my own and will be using these old book pages.

This little friend thankfully waited a whole week for me to come back and get her. I have plans to make a porcelain cast of her (Mum? Help?).

This French print of various bird eggs is really gorgeous. It always amazes me the variety to be found in nature-size, shape, color, speckling (a word?). It reminds me again of the Harvard Museum of Natural History , where the Eggs and Nests exhibit is up for just one more week!!

And finally, a large cache of beautiful birds stamps! These ones are from the 60s, from right here in Argentina. This will revive my dwindling supply of glass lockets.

Thank you Joseph, for letting me shop and search for birds with a clear conscience!

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