Saturday, March 21, 2009

Recoleta Design

Any time I have walked around in the Recoleta Cemetery, I run out of memory on my camera. The cemetery is much larger than it seems and is packed with so many beautiful architectural embellishments, it's hard to stop snapping pictures.
As we walked around last weekend on a cool, sunny, end-of-summer day I was struck again by the amazing craftsmanship and details that went into these honored resting places.

(wouldn't this make a great ring?)

And while some of them have fallen into disrepair, or just been weathered by the elements, that usually adds to the charm and attraction for me.

Reference to nature and it's design is everywhere.

As are angels, large and small, all beautiful.

Recoleta is quiet and peaceful, as it should be, even in the middle of a big noisy city. It's a lovely place to think, reflect and be inspired.

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