Sunday, March 1, 2009

March On!

Happy first day of March!
Normally this would be a bigger deal for me, getting February out of the way, making the push through March to April. I do not "like" March. April just sounds so much better (read: warmer) than March to me (sorry to any March babies, especially "little sis" Ariette, who i love to bits no matter when she was born).
But right now, as you may have heard, I am in Buenos Aires, where the word "Marzo" has a very different ring to it for me. It sounds more like: Summer, bright sunshine, cool breezes at night, sandals, sundresses and watermelon. Definitely easier to think about getting through.
To soak up the sun and enjoy the day, we went to the flea market (more on that tomorrow), had great lunch (smoked salmon on arugula with avocado, mushrooms and hearts of palm...healthy! light! no red meat, cheese, butter, cream sauce, fried stuff, etc. etc...I was so happy) and then walked around the city, particularly the neighborhood of Belgrano, very exclusive, you know.
In Belgrano we happened upon Calle Gorostiaga-Gorostiaga Street. Or, as I like to call it: "The wedding cake, fairy tale, angels singing, sparkling little gem, only place I would ever live in Buenos Aires street". Here's why:

This is one side of this short and sweet street.
And here's the other:
The entire street is a fantasy, an expression of pure prettiness, of scroll-y details, balconies, and perfectly matched creamy colors. It's not just one fairly well-kept home smushed in between a decaying building and a modern high-rise, as you see in many places around town. But it's finally all those little spots of beauty you love all together, forever, on Gorostiaga Street.

It was hard to do, but I picked two (one will be a guest home for you to come visit!) favorite homes for future habitation:
Which do you like best? Take your pick and come on down! March has just begun...

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  1. jaja, I've just seen all the post about Bs.As and this street it's the most beautiful in Belgrano!!