Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How to follow your bliss, trust your instinct, make something from nothing, and become your art

Just take a lesson from Tony at the Mercado de las Pulgas (flea market).

Tony is known primarily for his hats, I quickly deduced. Zipper pulls are obviously a favorite medium, but spoons, toy cars, spark plugs, light bulbs, batteries and anything else you would find at a big flea market seem to have been used as well.

He also creates what I would call assemblages, some with a title- see"Apocalypse" below...

with others left to the viewer to interpret. Good luck!

When I peeked in his studio, Tony was busily bent over a new assemblage involving lipstick tubes and other cosmetics. It was hard to spot him at first, but I had the benefit of seeing something move in there. I made it easier for you to see the man at work:

Whatever may be thought of his work, I have to admire Tony for going all out and doing only what he is drawn to do. He inspired me to follow those ideas and dreams I wonder about, judge too much, and doubt would work out-and to get to work!
("Another Hat by Tony")

Thanks Tony!

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