Monday, March 30, 2009

The Secret Place

On our lovely trip out of the city on Sunday, we cruised the waterways of Tigre and found a sweet spot to jump out and explore.

We followed a sandy path to an open gate ....

...past some boats tied to tall trees and by a hidden (abandoned?) apiary, deep in a tangle of trees and bushes. It stood on stilts. No buzzing could be heard.

A row of trees led us to a rickety bridge.

With light feet we hopped over it and came to discover a tiny inlet, a prefect spot to take off your shoes...

and have a swing.

All of this made wish I was ten years old again.
Taking this walk was lovely, beautiful and relaxing, but had I been ten years old or so, I know the energy would've been different. Every little spot would've be more fascinating, mysterious, fun and exciting. There would've been running involved, yelling and a different kind of laughter.
It's so hard to grow up. Maybe I shouldn't...

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