Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dear Drunk Tree....

I love you, with or without your drinking issues.

Despite being a lightweight (like me) you produce the most intoxicating blossoms.

And even though you have a prickly (understatment) exterior...

...preventing hugs of any sort, I can tell you really want one.

No climbing these babies to commune with the flowers...

I think these blossoms are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen on a tree.
As usual, I love the contrast-hard, spiky, threatening trunks leading up to soft, flow-y, pink and yellow...

This tree, also known more technically as the "silk floss tree", a relative of the baobob, is very common on the streets of Buenos Aires. Apparently it requires little care and water (stores it in those massive thorns) so it's great for cities and people who can't be bothered with upkeep. Too bad it wouldn't survive a Boston winter....


  1. I was going to say...could you bring one of those back? It's beautiful...but alas...our crazy winters!

  2. Mai, I will do my best...maybe we can grow mini drunk trees indoors? How cute would that be?!

  3. Oh yes...good idea!! They could also double as an all natural security system too!! :)